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Socket Plugin lets you accelerate on your multichain roadmap & provide users a 10X better onboarding experience:

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Socket Plugin lets you build a custom bridge tailored to your needs. Here are few reasons why you will love integrating the Plugin:

✅ Open-source: To collaborate and fix the multichain together

✅ Quick integration: Add a bridge to your app in 20 minutes with just a few lines of code

✅ Security: Pre-select chains, whitelist bridges, and curate token lists

✅ Themes: Customize colors to match your branding

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Leading Protocols in the space trust Socket Plugin to simplify their multichain onboarding

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Why we built Plugin?

The multichain world has arrived, and users are no longer bound by chains, but sadly, dapps are still unprepared. Plugin enables protocols to accelerate on their multichain roadmap with no overhead on developer resources & get users the onboarding experience they deserve!